Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our First Post for the Public

8/1/11 Good Morning, Dearest Committee! I’d like to go in a new direction today. Common Thread is beginning a new blog for local people who channel or have pithy comments to share. We have been communicating for so many years now, but it has almost exclusively been for my own personal growth. You have been wonderfully supportive when I’ve needed it most as well as chiding when I needed that most – always with Love and just the right words. So …… Is this transferable to other people to share? Do you have anything that you would like me to put in the blog for you? Should we do this regularly?

Good Morning, Dearest Stephen. What a wonderful new step you are taking. By all means, we would love to share our perspective with your friends and fellow CT people, and others, of course, who may be drawn to the energy of our words and presence. We have, in fact, added “specialists” to assist in the broader focus that you are now requesting. This, then, leads us to the first comment we wish to share: We, as you, are One! A trite phrase that is used often, but occasionally has a point. For each entity is complete in itself, but in combination with others and the “All” becomes so much more than the sum of the parts. So you have a committee that has been advising you – Stephen – for answers to your questions and subtle guidance when appropriate. But, bluntly, we don’t know everything. So like you, we call in experts. Like your requests for help in creating reports or marketing material, there are those who are better focused in that area. Then they are drawn to you. We do the same, drawing to us those who find the phrasing and topics that are most appropriate at the time for those receiving. Likewise, each of you can draw help to you for every single aspect of your life. If this were the only opportunity we would have to speak with you it would be to say that you do not request our assistance nearly enough. NOT NEARLY ENOUGH! We so wish to help, for giving to others is the greatest gift to receive and the closest way possible to approach Creator. But assistance cannot and must not be assumed. We cannot help you even scratch an itch by an assumption you would want it scratched – for you may not want it scratched. That may sound irrational to some, but all actions and situations are chosen. The interpretations of another entity’s creation is never, never, never considered. Your request for assistance, however, is a creation with which we are permitted to participate, and do so with such Love and enthusiasm that if you knew, you would remember to ask more often. We will say now that we have often called our Dearest Stephen “Dumb Ass” for his forgetfulness in requesting our help. Enough times now, that he is beginning to remember us sooner in times of angst. Not as often as he should, but remember, he is a dumb ass.

A closing point we would like to make is a reminder for each reader to remember that all information in channel lings come through a filter, which is the being at the keyboard or with the pen and paper. So the words and even topics take the flavor of that person. You will here Stevie in us, because he speaks to you for us. In our relationship and practice we know his thoughts and style well, so we speak that way so we don’t need to worry about his translating too far off. As an example, he understands the meaning and more importantly the humor of “dumb ass”, so we use it. “Spiritually challenged” might be our thought, but we admit he has more fun with the other. And fun leads to joy which leads to Love which leads to Creator. Bless you, each of you, today and all days.

Love, Love, Always Love

Q, et. al.

8/1/11 Ok, Gang, that was tough and it felt like a lot of me more than my usual writing what you say. It felt like I was pausing and picking words I liked. That’s not how we’ve done it. So is the last page all bull shit? What is happening?

Cool, Stevie-boy. We’re on track ok and you can publish what was written this morning. Yes, it felt different and definitely awkward but no concepts were compromised. Interestingly, the very filter we discussed kicked in. You wanted this to be good and pithy since you have some reputation to protect. So add a little angst and the words didn’t flow like they do right now. So relax a bit, Bucko. This is confidence in yourself – and very much confidence in us. So let both you and us be you and us. It will flow and if it doesn’t ring for a single soul out there, so what? For it will ring for you and we can bet you that you’ll get better reception than you think. Simply the process of this is educational and think of the wonderful success if just one more person shuts off the TV and sits down in silence with a pen or at a keyboard. They may do a dip-shit job like you did in the beginning, but you got better – a lot better. They can, too. So chill. I love you so! Suzie

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