Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Drawing of Spirit

I'm back. You will certainly notice that the last posting was June of last year. Why?

Well, I wasn't drawn with anything to say. The heart of my Law of Attraction learnings had already been said. I knew that I would quickly begin to repeat myself, which does nothing for anyone. So what now?

The world obviously is being sucked into the Facebook game. People lose hour after hour either rambling themselves or reading other people's ramblings. I admit it is enticing (everyone loves to have other people pay attention to their ramblings - cheaper than a therapist). On the other hand I don't think I want to invade my daughters' lives that closely, so I think I will pass on the Facebook phenomenon.

Look! I'm rambling!! Damn.

But I am back here; hopefully, with fresh insights expanding into the spiritual world beyond just the Law of Attraction. And here, only those interested in the topics will find me, not the daughters' friends or worse, the less-enlightened members of my family.

So I start today with a few questions for you to ponder. Fortunately (or unfortunately to some) there are no answers to the questions other than what you decide. Well,....... you decide:

#1. What am I? Not who you are - your name, race, address, beliefs, but WHAT you are.

#2 What is God to me? Again, not who is God. Not a Christian or Muslim or Hindu definition of God. And note it is a two parter: WHAT is God to YOU?

#3. Where am I now? Not your address and not who. WHERE are you now?

Enough for the moment? I'd love to have a bottle of Pinot Noir with you to discuss the options.

I love you.

The Old Monk