Friday, November 12, 2010

November, 2010 Election Results

I'm Back!!
A good friend, Barbara, asked me recently why I wasn't blogging and my answer was weak. So with some self-analysis, along with her suggestion to branch out on my topics (spiritual or otherwise), I have some fresh energy.

My focus from now on will be topics that excite my emotions and new thinking. So we'll see if I can be interesting. Topic #1: The mid-term election last week. I could have been miffed by the republicans winning, but I am not. I just see all of it as just more of the same ol', same ol'. They are becoming more and more polarized, which we should expect leading up to 2011 and 2012. One channelling I read recently said that it doesn't matter because all will be replaced by spiritually advanced souls with our new higher vibration world. Until then, of course, absolutely nothing will get done politically because both sides are more and more entrenched. The republicans by thinking they have a mandate and the democrats by being reactionary to the republican arrogance. Sigh.

But one item was tougher for me to release. Probably because I suspect I had been a gay monk many times in previous lives, or maybe a current life issue to release. But the vote on the Supreme Court retention was so disheartening. I can argue both sides of almost any political or philosophical issue - abortion, welfare, war, etc. But the argument against gay rights has absolutely no rational other than simply fear. I will discuss this in length in a future post.

A dear, dear friend of mine is a lesbian and I knew she would be heartsick with the result. In fact, she did stay home from work the next day, because of the issue. So, since I knew how she felt and also to help me deal with the disappointment, I wrote her an email which I copied to all my spiritual contacts in my email address book. Apparently, some friends liked it, so I am printing it below. Enjoy.

Hi Love,

A couple comments.

#1 every day more and more of the older people transition. The people who cannot embrace change and, therefore, fight for the care-free life their imagination had when they were children. Of course, not all older people are like this, but it is a common characteristic of age and fatigue.

#2 every day young people are waking up and looking at the world beyond their own personal life issues. The young people may very well grow old and intransigent, but their world is far broader that the one of 2-3 generations older.

So we have change continuously through our years and every now and then we get a marker to see how far we have come. We had some of those over the last few years, principally the Obama vote and the Iowa Supreme Court decision. What happened yesterday was not a marker, because broad society did not answer the question. People under 30 don’t understand this as a question while the old can’t stretch their thinking. This will change daily, daily, daily. In a short time (even without the immense vibrational changes) this will be a non-issue. You and I just need patience.

Which brings me to the next point. The universe always gives us the right answer if we are simply listening. I am, once again, reading my book, “oneness” and this morning I read the attached 3 pages. You are most likely more evolved than I, but I was shown what I can look forward to in my growth. Once I can transcend the automatic knee jerk response to the people and situations that I created for me. And recognize it is not forgiveness but a transcendence to my attachment to the outcome. Easy to think – tougher to say to you now – and still tougher to do. Well, we’re works in progress, right?

I love you. We’ll get there.
Love, Stevie

Peace and Love are getting stronger and stronger every single day. I feel it as are most spiritual people I talk to. As I said above, we'll get there.

Love and blessings to all, always.
The Old Monk