Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Watch out for the Gotcha's

One of the more confusing aspects of the Law of Attraction is the subtle difference between the negative not wanting of something and the positive wanting of the opposite. The most popular example is the attraction of money. Many people think the proper thought is, "I don't want to be poor" or "I want more money". That is a logical way to look at things, but it isn't quite right.

One key is that the Universe operates only in the present. There is no such thing as future or past. Secondly, the Universe loves you unconditionally and therefore gives you exactly what you want (be careful, here, and don't let your thoughts get ahead of me). From the Universe's perspective, nothing is good or bad, simply choices. We choose what we want to experience and on a soul level sometimes we truly wish to experience poverty or illness. And because of that, the Universe does not decide for you if something is right or not. Got that? Very important: The Universe does not discern. That is your job.

So, if the Universe loves you, but can only work in the present, how does it know what you want?... By your thoughts, words, and emotions. If you say "I don't want to be poor", what you are saying is that at the moment you are poor. The emotion of that statement is an unhappiness of lack of wealth. You are wallowing in the lack. The Universe thinks that what you are focusing on is what you want, so it says, "Yes, I love you! You want lack of money? Great, that is wonderful! I will give you what you want! I will give you lack of money!"

And the Universe, being the wonderful creative source that it is, will make your car break down or spring a leak in your water heater. Or if you have a whole lot of energy into the thought, you could lose your job. The Universe is very precise, so watch your phrasing and watch your emotions. It can't read your situation and give you what It considers is best for you. Understand that sentence? The number one Law is Free Will!!! If the universe decided for you and made your life easy, there would be no free will. And that will never happen. So it is your choice what you wish to experience: good or bad, hot or cold, fat or thin, happy or sad. Those are all value judgements and that is what we are here to do. Make those choices to live the lives we choose. So........................ If the Universe will give you what you want to experience, why not choose the easy way? It's much, much nicer. If you think Love and give Love, then you get Love. Try it. It works.

The Old Monk

A Humorous Morality Story

Once upon a time, a man reached that stage in life when he pondered its meaning. Why did he continuously slave for material gain at a job he detested? Why was materialism rampent in society and in his home. Gradually, these questions captivated so much of his attention that all the people and things in his life were ignored and slowly melted away. He lost his job, then his wife. He alienated his children and friends, all in his study of and search for the meaning of life.

And so it was, that when he had lost all but the ragged clothes on his back, he heard of a most learned guru hidden in a mountainous cave in India. He vowed and struggled to get to the guru, and, ultimately, when he was broken, bloody, and near death, he crawled into the entrance of the cave and came upon the meditating presence of the Great Guru.

"Oh, Great Guru," he said, "please share with this humble seeker. What is the meaning of life?"

The Great Guru smiled warmly and gently spoke, "Life is a flower."

"WHAT?" the seeker shouted! "I have lost everything precious to me - wife, family, all posessions. Many times I was near death in my struggle to find you, and you tell me 'Life is a flower'?"

The Great Guru's eyes flew open in astonishment, and he said, "You mean it isn't?"

The Old Monk