Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Thinning Veil

Good Morning, Dearest Committee. I would like to add something to Heaven Speaks today if you have any topic you wish to address. The floor is yours.

Good Morning, Dearest Stephen. There is always much to say, whether to share with only you for your personal questions or development, or for your friends who are also searching for a comfortable wisdom, but yet lack the connection to hear words from this side of the veil. That veil, by the way, is thinning faster and faster every day. Your experience of this will be like when you lose weight. You don’t notice it daily until some event happens that clearly shows you what is true at the moment wasn’t so previously. Slowly, your vibration increases and you will begin to see shadows out of the corner of your eye and hear some sound you weren’t listening for and can’t identify. Also, things that used to annoy you, won’t create the buzz in you that it used to. Foods you used to enjoy aren’t so appetizing any more and, surprisingly, you’ll crave broccoli or something else that had always been foreign to you.

That is how you’ll do it. You won’t need to make a mental decision that you are now a vegetarian, you will simply have a preference for foods that fall into that category. So you, Stephen, when you joke about having to quickly drink up your supply of vodka, you are a bit correct. For soon, it won’t be a preference to you and will gather dust in the basement. These changes won’t be hard. On the contrary, you will slowly change in the direction of the higher vibrations. Now, if you make choices out of habit – actively denying the nudges within yourself, then you will probably create issues for yourself. Those issues could be anything – health-wise, emotionally, relationships…. You are very creative – all of you – and what you choose within yourself will be also creative in its efforts to get you to wake up. You will wake up, most assuredly. It will just vary as to how much effort you need to figure yourself out and to quiet the screaming of your guides and angels. That is a joke, for you are truly, truly Loved and Admired by all on our side of that veil. This is a great and exciting time to be in your world and we hope you can recognize this very special time for the great opportunity we all have to participate here. What Fun!! Love and Blessings to you all. We are so impressed!

Love, Love, Always Love,

Q, et.al.