Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's All Energy

Everything in the Universe is energy. Everything. Secondly, energy vibrates at some level. All energies vibrate at different levels depending on what they are, but all do, indeed, vibrate. What do you get when you take a lot of energy and pack it together (scientific term there)? You get mass. So when you look around you, everything you see is really energy as a base. Trees, rocks, animals, you. And everything vibrates at some level. Even a rock, if you get small enough inside you see vibrational movement. I don't know the scientific words here, but this understanding is a given in the scientific/physics world.

What we want to do is learn how to control energy. Hasn't that always been our goal? And we've been good at it, too. Ever since we controlled fire with flint and then matches, that is controlling a type of energy. A prism separates colors of light which is another form of energy control. Through time we have gradually gotten smarter and found new ways to control energy to make our lives easier or better, and we have gotten pretty good at it with all of the machines we have created to control different types of energy. When we are first learning about a specific energy, usually our successes are blind luck. I can just imagine how early cavemen learned how to transport and then create fire. A lot of trial and error, such as finding out that water doesn't burn.

So where am I going with all of this? We are learning now that each of our thoughts are also energy and therefore each vibrates at a particular level. Previously, our successes were more blind luck in using the Law of Attraction, just like other attempts to control energy. There was always the mantra of "positive thinking", "think it and you can achieve it". And it worked! People would swear by the concept and write all kinds of books, e.g. Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. It worked for some followers and didn't work for others. They just didn't think hard enough or positive enough was the answer.

Well, now we are getting smarter and figuring all of this out. We are learning to control energy to a level that we never previously thought possible. So why now? It's part of our evolution, like controling any other type of energy except this time we don't need machines or outside tools. This is all done within - choosing those things we wish to experience. It's always been around, we are just now figuring it all out and learning how to use it other than blind luck.
So consider that when you ponder and work with the Law of Attraction. Everything is energy and vibrates. Like energy attracts according to it's vibration. You are learning to control the vibration of your thoughts, that is, manipulating that energy, to get what you want. How you do that is the sum total of our study and all of the posts I have put here. Just remember to make it fun.

The Old Monk