Thursday, February 7, 2008


I haven't developed my philosophy and way of life regarding the Law of Attraction alone. Not by a long shot! Most things begin by reading something that trips a little switch in the brain that says "look into this deeper." It is important not to disregard those hits, particularly if you get several of them in a short period. Those hits began my reading and then studying and then personal experience to see if the idea works. Following are the books that were most instrumental in my learning and growth:

Abraham-Hicks works. Specifically, there is a series of 4 books: Ask and It is Given, 2004; The Law of Attraction, 2006; The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, 2006; and The Astonishing Power of Emotions, 2007. These are, by far, the most important works giving practical information about all aspects of the LoA and how to make your life much more joyous and complete. ( I won't say "successful" - that is for you to decide). Officially written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, they were the original basis for the movie and subsequent book, "The Secret". Their books are the foundation of my thinking and, often, the words I use. I have simply added my experience which totally corroborates their work.

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, 2000 by Lynn Grabhorn. A great, easy style of writing where she shares her personal experiences slowly learning the how the LoA works. With a great deal of humor she tells about both her successes and failures in figuring out exactly how all this works.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. We have all heard of this classic from the 1950's. His points then are just the same as today. It is just that the world is more ready now. In fact, in the preface of ...Emotions, Jerry Hicks recounts his experience with Hill's book and discovery that the most important parts of Hill's book were edited out! Those references to "vibration" of a desire which must match the vibration of it's manifestation. Very key point which is stressed the the Abraham-Hicks works. I mention Hill's book not because of its current value (read Hicks instead), but to show that this is not just some new-age-affirmation-woo-woo concept.

It Works by RHJ. A strange little 28 page brochure that I stumbled across. First published----- get this----- in 1926! It is amazing and said everything that we are saying now. 1926!!! Published by DeVorss & Company you can order one for $3 (or 100 for $180) at I asked Barnes & Nobles and they got it for me without shipping.

There are many, many more books that have helped shape my spiritual beliefs and which dovetail very nicely with Law of Attraction, but which do not specfically deal with this subject alone. I'll cover those books another time. Meanwhile, pick up one of the Hicks books. It will ring to you like nothing else. Then, there is no knowing how much love, joy, and abundance (financial, health, and relationship) that you can experience.

Blessings, Joy, Prosperity, but most of all Love,

The Old Monk