Friday, January 25, 2008

Why Does the Law of Attraction Work

The big question everyone asks is "What is the purpose of life?". How you answer this question really determines how successful you can be in using the Law of Attraction. My belief is that the reason I am here is simply to experience life. Or to take that a little deeper, to decide who I am and wish to be (which is based on my experiences). My belief also says that the Universe (Creator, God or any other descriptor you wish) is wonderfully benevolent, creative, and powerful, wishing the very best for us.

So if the Universe wants the best for us, that means the Universe wants us to have what we want. You cannot go into a judgmental choice here, because who makes the judgment? Our religions have always kept us under control by warning us of God's Judgment. But have you noticed how that Judgment seems to change all the time? At one time it was God's choice and proper to burn witches in New England or not eat fish on Friday. You get my point. So to repeat, the Universe wishes for us to have what we want to experience. That is the reason we are here. What would be the very best way to accomplish that? The most beautiful, the most beneficent, the most loving way? To give us what we are passionate about!!! So.......... What we think about is what we want to experience. Add emotion to that and it builds the vibrational energy I discussed in the last post. When that energy is sufficient, it manifests giving us what we want. Isn't that gorgeous? How wonderfully creative the Universe is! We are here to experience; we think of something; the Universe delivers. That is why the Law of Attraction is in place and why it works. As the cliche says, watch what you ask for, because.....

Love, Peace, and Untold Blessings to you.

The Old Monk

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How does the Law of Attraction Work? Energy!

Everything in the Universe is energy. Everything. That includes all people, animals, trees, rocks - everything. Anything we consider "solid", such as the rock mentioned above, is simply energy that is compacted. If you take a microscope and look smaller and smaller, ultimately, you will find that even a rock moves with an energetic wavelength.

Now, building on that thought, all energy is neutral. It is not good or bad, hot or cold, left or right. But energy does attract like energy. (Stay with me now.) Our thoughts take neutral energy and give it a vibrational charge based upon what that thought is. The more attention we give to that thought, the greater the size. Additionally, that vibration (or energy) will attract like vibration making it even larger. Ultimately, that vibration will reach a level where that thought becomes real. Phrased another way, what you give your attention to will come into your reality. This is the Law of Attraction.

If you want a new pair of shoes, think and dream about the perfect pair, when enough energy has accumulated, the shoes will come into your life. Now, don't get to excited - or too skeptical - because there are many factors to be considered. The money to pay for the shoes might not be there if you didn't consider that in your thoughts. Also, if you have thoughts that say "Oh, this won't really happen" or "I'm not worthy or don't deserve another pair of shoes", then that thought creates a vibration of "No Shoes". So what shows up - shoes or no shoes - depends on where you spent the most energy. That is what happens to most of us. We ask for something from the Universe, but then effectively change our minds by having a conflicting thought. The solution? Don't have the conflicting thought. Yes, I agree; easier said than done. But you can get there! Honest! You can. The Law of Attraction works. Always. You can count on it. But those steps are for another day. Love to you, always.

The Old Monk