Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Within the spiritual community there is a great deal of discussion about Oneness.  My most favorite book is titled that. I notice that everyone I hear or read, human or channeled, has the same description with very little variation. The only explanation is that we are all connected together in Oneness. blah, blah, blah. Nice words and everyone nicely nod their heads in agreement. Then there is the analogy of the drop of water in the ocean. An individual is that drop, that part of the ocean, a part of all in the oneness.

That's all nice. But something about it always bugged me. I felt it was simplistic and everyone says the same thing in explanation, which still feels incomplete. Of course, one factor is that some people can easily get the idea that they will lose their identity of self and, furthermore, that is a good thing to do so. I don't think people want to go there. I certainly don't. I suppose when you get very close to Creator, that urge for merging into the ultimate Oneness might be desirable and preferable, but we are so far from that concept it isn't worth considering, let alone choosing.

I've mentioned this dilemma often in groups, but I seem to be alone in my quandary. Most say nothing, but those that do, want me to give up my fight and surrender to the concept. I have it backward they say; we are all connected and my problem isn't oneness, it is the separation I feel.

I think they confuse my passion for a question to be a personal angst. My issue is not in the concept and the connection with all, it is the inadequacy of our language and it appears no one wishes to make the concept better. In my gut I feel the explanation is incomplete!!!

EUREKA! I found it!! In meditation early this morning a simple little change fixes everything. The metaphor of the drop in the ocean is incomplete. We are not simply a drop in the ocean, just like every other drop and part of the whole in Oneness. Oh, we are, indeed that, but so much more. Don't look at ourselves as part of the whole, but rather the whole is within us! All of the strength and power and wisdom of the whole ocean is, indeed, within our drop. We are that powerful. We are God. We are Creator. All of that strength is indeed within each one of us.
Our society has minimized each of our lives so that we consider ourselves to be insignificant - nothing more than a drop of water in the ocean. So the spiritual effort is to say "We are not alone. We are all connected together in Oneness. Isn't that nice, our sense of separation is wrong, for we, and all of nature, are connected.". That has made my gut say it is incomplete. While that says each person is not shit, I will say NO. FAR FROM IT. YOU ARE GOD. YOU ARE SO POWERFUL YOU CAN CREATE A UNIVERSE. YOU CREAT EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT MIGHT BE IN THE ENTIRE MULTIVERSE. THAT IS AMAZING. STAND UP AND RECOGNIZE HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE. YOU CREATE. YOU CREATE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU MIGHT DESIRE.

Whew. So Oneness isn't wrong. But from where we are in our 3rd density existence it points us in the right direction but doesn't go far enough. Oh, I'm sure many will say that they know all of this, but my experience of the Oneness discussions does not reveal the fantastic, most important elements of the concept. Don't just think that we are part of o whole, but that the whole is in us. A small rearrangement in words, but a fantastic rearrangement in thinking. Oneness! We are Oneness! All together. We are God. We are Creator. We are One.
And I Love You.
The Old Monk