Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Scribing regarding Spiritual Rant

In my last post (see just below) I mentioned a web site and a well written open letter to the Galactic Federation and my reactions to it. Well, I do channel, but always for my own growth and clarification.  I have not done it for others, as a general rule. My method is to scribe, meaning I meditate and protect to get a clear communication.  Then I write what I think and then scribe what comes to me. You may think it is all my overactive imagination; that's fine. As I often say, your opinion of me is none of my business.  Nonetheless, here is my scribing shortly after the open letter was published.

Me: Good Morning Dearest Committee. I have a topic today which I hope (and suspect) you have discussed among yourselves. An open letter was written to the Galactic Federation requesting intervention in Gaia issues with Illuminati activity. It was a strongly worded, heart-felt letter which I completely understand. My first thought is to support this letter in every way I can. To bring more and more people to the energy of disclosure and their assistance. We feel the timetable is slower than expected and desired, so I am doubly frustrated by the delays. On the other hand, I know their perspective is broader than mine. Can you share your thoughts with me?

Good Morning, Dearest Stephen. Please believe that we fully understand your emotions as well as the rational reasons you would request an immediate intervention from the Galactic Council. We do hesitate, however, to ask support of any entity or group who is actively doing what they can within their perception of their self-approval of their self actions. Of course, their intent is certainly to support you and Gaia as much as they are able to do. Within the Universe and the governing Principles (and effect of those Principles) they must operate within their own integrity for their actions. Having already agreed to assist as they can, they most certainly are assisting, as their intent, to the degree that they have selected within the parameters they have set. Or, bluntly in your style: They said they would help and they are to the best that they can/choose/ethically complete within their self awareness. So a request to change their actions, which could be considered to be saying “not good enough” or “change your priorities” is a step we would recommend not to take. The arguments presented for a shift in policy are well presented and we are confident their impact is being considered. The energy of the request is conflicted, however. Clearly, Love of earth and its humans is strong, but elements of fighting and deposition of others, even if judged evil, can be counter-productive, as well as anything perceived as a demand. A complicating factor is your invention and concept of time, which, of course, does not exist in reality. So your request is one of time or timing which really is a superfluous issue. We are certain you can build an argument for a timing consideration, but please let us say that there are elements involved that are far beyond your 3rd density understanding. Factors surrounding the “time”question, as well as timing. All these the GF do understand and weigh within their expansive understanding, experience, and wisdom.

Please consider to rework (reword) your thoughts to consider only energy that is Loving with humility and with respect. Of course, even this advice is moot, because your attention, focus, and purpose are already understood by all who focus to your intent or who you call. Additionally, the Great Loving Source of the GC understand the perspective from which you create your energy. They know your source and they know your limitations in understanding Universal Laws. A metaphor is a parent hearing the lament of a child who considers himself being treated unfairly. That does not say the concern is invalid because it is from a child. Rather the concern is weighed along with many, many other factors beyond the child’s understanding. A pretty good metaphor, we think.

So calm, Dearest, and do know that all is unfolding with Love for the betterment of all of Gaia and its inhabitants and for all of the Universe. You certainly will not be disappointed. This we are most certain.

Love, Love, always Love,
Q, Archangels,

Thank you for reading. Consider it as you wish. You are greatly Loved, regardless.
The Old Monk

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