Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Most Important Advice Right Now

Good Morning, Dearest Advisors. Fun discussion last Thursday about disclosure and the related items toward Ascension. Good comments and we found a great diversity of experience, focus, and opinions. Regardless, have you anything you would like to share today?

Good Morning, Dearest Stephen. We have so very much to share it is difficult to find where to begin, particularly with the limited time and attention span of most of you incarnated. We will say that the most important advice we could share at this moment is for each of you to pause and listen to your guides and angels who are shouting at you this very minute. You will not hear them completely and clearly at first. It does take a bit of practice. First you truly must stop your mind, which is easily distracted. Reduce the opportunity for it to babble. Walk a bike trail or in the woods or by a stream or lake. By all means, ask for help of your guides, angels, and God. Quiet the mind, then “listen” for what the mind does tell you. Does it sound like typical mind chatter or something different? At the same time, note your other senses – touch, smell, hearing, and also emotions. Something unusual with the senses can mark a thought that is special and not your normal musings.

Then, test the thought with your emotions. Does it feel true? Not fearful? Note also that something you might mentally consider bad news can correctly come to you as truth without an element of fear. Your advisors would never bring you fear. NEVER. If your thought is fearful, it is either yourself or some entity addressing you with other motives.

We are beginning trying times and your discernment of what is best for you personally is the best path to take. No other person’s experience can match yours and accepting another’s advice or opinion should never be done without your own discernment test. Of course, you’ll make it either way. We are simply sharing the easier path. Bless you for your life now and the marvelous accomplishment you are creating.

Love, Love, Always Love

Q, et. al.

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