Thursday, May 1, 2008

OW, OW, OW - Amendment

In the last post I focused on the difficulty of dealing with pain and the Law of Attraction. I don't take any of that back, but there is another factor that should be discussed as well. Doctors, medical procedures, and prescriptions ( aka potions). My simple answer is to use them as you feel is appropriate for you. I can, and often, give the impression that you don't need doctors or potions because everything is energy, so if you focus on the energy, you can solve your problem. And in a completely theoretical way, that is true. But living in our world today, we are just learning the subtlies of energy and our old training and habits are really hard to drop.

So for the record... in dealing with my pain, I am, indeed, doing the steps I outlined in the previous post. But also, I started taking ibuprofin as soon as any pain started and to reduce the imflamation. Even if I am masking the pain, that is ok with me. Then I am not adding fuel to the proverbial fire. Also, I am seeing my chiropractor regularly - in fact every day this week - to get everything back in alignment. I might be proud about wanting my abilities to use the Law of Attraction effectively, but I'm not that proud. Just for the record.

Admitting all that is good for my soul and that also makes me feel better. Hope you feel better, too. You certainly deserve it. You are blessed, admired, appreciated, but most of all loved.

The Old Monk

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