Thursday, March 6, 2008


I read the following proclamation in Path of Empowerment (Makawao: Inner Ocean Publishing, Inc., 2004) pp. 274-275 by Barbara Marciniak. It is one of the most powerful uses of Intentional Creation I have ever found. I recommend everyone put this on your bathroom mirror and read it - preferably aloud - every morning. Wonderful!!


I am a creator. I am here to create a safe and bountiful life. By vibration and frequency, I choose to be healthy, productive, and wise. I have great gratitude for my abilities to recognize that thoughts produce frequencies, and I can create a frequency that supports the safe, probable world I live in by directing my energy toward what I want to experience. I walk through life with clear, conscious intent to weave my energy, like a gossamer thread in a large and beautiful tapestry, throughout the world I encounter. I fully realize that a multitude of probabilities and belief systems exist side by side with mine. And in mine I am safe. In mine I am guided. In mine I love and trust my body. In mine I know my cells are precognitive and that I am a co-creator of the multiverse. I know I am a valuable being. I know that I will receive the impulses, the signs and signals and guidance that I require to always be in the right place at the right time, for my highest good and that of all those around me. All this I know, and for this I am most grateful.
The Old Monk


Anonymous said...

One of the things I like so much about this proclamation is that when studied word by word and phrase by phrase the power is unleashed. I love to break each sentance down and concentrate on the words used and unlock the power of each word. The word "create" may be a simple word, but in the context of the proclamation it becomes huge. As does "safe" and "bountiful" and "healthy, productive, and wise". It is well worth the time to read it carefully and meditatively. - Joe

The Old Monk said...

Thanks, Joseph. I agree. Every sentence is succinct and powerful. I try to do the analysis you are mentioning every time I read it. Obviously, it is not a fast read and never should be. T O M